Dear Easter Bunny…

We asked students at Headington, Wheatley and Harcourt Hill to fill in postcards saying: Dear Easter Bunny, I’d love it if the Library could…   The feedback we received was fabulously varied and we got excellent responses from across the three sites.  (Swindon feedback coming soon!).  The general themes of the comments are listed below with the Library’s responses in italics

  • Physical space – you generally want more space of every kind at Headington, silent and group study for Wheatley, sofas and beds (for powernaps!) at Harcourt.
  • We were able to add some more desks on Level 4 and Level 1 at Headington during last semester and will continue to see if we can add more.  The opening of the Clerici, with its variety of study space,  has also eased some of the demand.  Silent space will be continued to be monitored at Wheatley and we will look to see how well used the group study areas are and what options are available.  We love the idea of powernaps and beds at Harcourt Hill but we’re not sure we can quite stretch to that! 
  • Resources  – there were lots of comments about resources, especially asking for more books generally and some specific subject areas mentioned… 
  • We are continuing to look at our collections, and will introduce a more responsive buying policy this year.  We will also repeat the More Books initiative (we buy what you suggest) that has proved so popular in previous years…
  • Opening hours  – comments mainly received at Wheatley and Harcourt Hill and ranged from a request to open a little later on Friday to being 24/7 like Headington.
  • Opening hours at Wheatley will change this academic year with longer hours during the week.  We’ll let you know what the new hours are when semester starts. 
  • Other – comments ranged from more staff, stress relief and chocolate provision (not necessarily the same thing), and hot drinks machines at Harcourt Hill.
  • We are hoping to launch a series of wellbeing activities this year which we look forward to hearing your responses to.  We do recognise that sometimes being at University and studying hard to deadlines is stressful.  We hope that some of the activities we are planning will lighten the load / provide some light relief during the stressful periods.  We can’t promise chocolates on tap unfortunately (our budget doesn’t stretch that far!).
  • Circulation  – your comments here related to more time on short loans, cut fines, increase loan and renewal allowance, make borrowing rules clearer and develop an app to keep track of reservations!
  • We have introduced a number of changes this year.  We’ve increased the number of auto-renewals allowed on each book so hopefully fines will be a thing of the past.  This will also allow you to have the books out for as long as you need them.  We have also increased the number of books you can have out at any one time.  Let us know how you find the new rules…  
  • Computers (8) – free scanning for public, free printing for students, more RAM and more computers.  
  • We have passed these comments on to our colleagues in IT Services who are responsible for PrintAnywhere and computer provision….

And last but most certainly not least:

  • Praise and positive comments  – specific mention of More Books and 24 hour drop boxes, otherwise words such as fantastic, great, helpful, friendly, thank you, support, polite were all used to describe the library and staff.
  • We love to hear that we’re doing ok.  We do try to be great and helpful and friendly and if we fall short of this just let us know please.

Bunny 1

— Kate Alderson-Smith (Customer Services Team Leader)

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