Bagging of seats

At this time of year we do get a couple of comments about seat bagging in the Library.  Most students find it immensely frustrating trying to find a seat only to discover that many spaces have belongings but no person in them!  We have tried a number of things to combat hogging:

  • trialling auto-log out of desktops
  • raising awareness of the issue with posters and tweets
  • adding extra seating to the Library during peak times
  • providing overspill space in the teaching block (JHBB)
  • patrolling the library regularly
  • promoting all our library space – Swindon, Wheatley and Harcourt Hill
  • excluding non-Brookes students during exams

We offer these during our busy periods but the bagging of space continues.  If you have any suggestions for how we can manage this more effectively we’d love to hear from you.

— Kate Alderson-Smith (Customer Services Team Leader)


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