Christmas bauble feedback

Happy New Year!


In the run-up to Christmas, we asked you to decorate our Christmas trees by filling out baubles with what you wanted more of and what you found frustrating about using the Library. We had a good response, especially at Headington where nearly 70 baubles were hung on the tree. A whiteboard was also available for people to note down their thoughts.


Initially, it’s clear to say that space (more of all types – silent / group / individual) was the most raised topic at Headington. However, this was closely followed by comments about having a microwave somewhere in the JHBB as well as space for naps. It’s obvious that many of you spend lots of time in the Library in the run-up to exams and we’ll think about what we can do to help (as far as we can).

We’ll be looking at the comments in more detail in the coming weeks to see what we can do and let you know what’s happening as the semester progresses. Thanks again for your comments – as always really interesting themes emerging.

– Kate Alderson-Smith, Customer Services Team Leader (Headington)


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