Interested in learning more about book design and typography?

In this Book Hook post, Dr Sally Hughes, Principal Lecturer in Publishing shares her recommendations for books about typography and book design.

Book typography: A designers’ manual by Michael Mitchell and Susan Wightman

“No one needs to go further than this as it is comprehensive, clearly designed, interesting to read, excellent examples and will both get anyone started and also take you further on.”

The elements of typographic style by Robert Bringhurst

“Similar material to Mitchell and Wightman but much heavier going, with a poetic and historical overview in places. Probably not the best book to start with, but takes you further with historical background and talks about selecting and combining typefaces.”

Stop stealing sheep & find out how type works by Erik Spiekermann

“Fun! This is a good place to start. More about type than page design.”

Thinking with type : a critical guide for designers, writers, editors, & students by Ellen Lupton

“Very useful. Covers similar material to Mitchel and Wightman, but shorter and approaches it in a different way.”



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