Summer ICONS Exhibition Results


Over summer 2019 we had our ICONS Exhibition displayed in the Welcome Desk area on Level 1 of the Library at Headington and across our other sites at Harcourt, Wheatley and Swindon. Inspiration for this exhibition was sparked by the BBC ICONS series shown at the beginning of the year.

Along with posters and a Spotify playlist we asked visitors to choose one of the ICONS in our exhibition or name somebody else they would nominate.

Icons exhibition 19

As expected the results were varied…

Harcourt Hill results

Icon Votes
Pablo Picasso 7
Andy Warhol 1
Virginia Woolf 0
Alfred Hitchcock 1
Alan Turing 4
Ernest Shackleton 1
Jane Goodall 6
Margaret Thatcher 0
Nelson Mandela 5
Martin Luther King 9
Helen Keller 3
Emmeline Pankhurst 4
Charlie Chaplin 3
Billie Jean King 0
Muhammad Ali 2
David Bowie 1
Marilyn Monroe 2
Billie Holiday 3
Albert Einstein 5
Tu Youyou 1
Somebody else you would nominate
David Attenborough
Greta Thunberg
Beatrix Potter
George Eliot
Cicely Saunders
Elvis Presley
Eric Clapton
Dorothy Heathcote
Piet Mondrian
Rosalind Franklin
Marsha P. Johnson
Emily Davies
Maya Angelou
Billy Joel
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
William Blake

Headington results

Icon Votes
Pablo Picasso 5
Andy Warhol 7
Virginia Woolf 7
Alfred Hitchcock 9
Tu Youyou 9
Alan Turing 10
Albert Einstein 13
Ernest Shackleton 3
Jane Goodall 7
Margaret Thatcher 8
Nelson Mandela 12
Helen Keller 7
Emmeline Pankhurst 12
Mohandas Gandhi 7
Martin Luther King Jr 12
Billie Jean King 1
Muhammad Ali 28
Charlie Chaplin 9
David Bowie 11
Marilyn Monroe 5
Billie Holiday 4
Somebody else you would nominate
Cary Grant (actor) 1
Kofi Annan (Sec General UN) 1
Ferenc Puskás (Hungarian Footballer) 1
Prophet Muhammed (Founder of Islam) 6
Aimé Césaire (poet and politician) 1
Léopold Sédar Senghor (poet and politician) 1
Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao – communist revolutionary) 1
Muhammad Ali Jinnah (lawyer, politician, founder of Pakistan) 4
Franz Kafka (novelist) 1
Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Tibet) 1
Enheduanna (Earliest known poet 2285 BC) 1
Van Gogh (artist) 1
Karl Marx (philosopher and economist) 1
Angela Davis (political activist, civil rights) 1
Barack Obama (44th president of USA) 1
Desmond Tutu (Bishop) 1
Nish Parameswaran 1

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