Wordsearches, puzzles and other wellbeing activities

Earlier in October we hopped on board the Libraries Week bandwagon and offered a range additional activities that might provide five minutes relief from essays and assignments.  We provided activities ranging from grown-up colouring in pictures to zentangles (structured pattern drawings) to jigsaw puzzles and fiction freebies.  We also created a new (small) space that anybody can use to take time out and relax (JHB Library near the Help Zone).  The most popular thing we offered, however, was the jigsaw puzzle which was completed in an impressive 3 days.

Wanting to build on this success, we have put out big Halloween wordsearches at each of our sites this week.  They have proved popular with the giant (100+ words) version at Headington completed in 3 days….. (Thank you Angela and Rachel for completing 42 between you!)

We recognise that offering puzzles and wordsearches isn’t going to help you complete your assignments nor teach you new skills, however we do hope it will provide you with a quiet moment out of your busy day.

— Kate Alderson-Smith (Customer Services Team Leader)


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