Tell us what you think – we’re always interested to hear your views!

We do like hearing back from users of the Library.  It’s really helpful to know what works well and what causes frustration.  At Headington, we have ‘Tell us what you think’ forms that are available for anyone to complete.

We tend to get a range of comments from good, ‘excellent reservation service‘ and ‘thank you for the patience and helpfulness of library staff‘ to more critical and frustrated observations, ‘I find it distressing if people eat in the silent library zone‘, ‘Auto-renewal meant I forgot I had a book‘, ‘school students on level 4‘…  etc.

If you submit a comment and include your name / email we will get back to you with a response, however, forms can be submitted anonymously so there is no need to be shy.  We do keep a note of all observations and use them to help us see what works and what doesn’t.  Consistent comments about certain things (automatic windows for example) helped provide us with evidence that we needed a new solution to the problem.

Feedback forms are available at all sites but you can also submit your thoughts using the online form available on the feedback page (coming soon).

Let us know what you think – it can make a difference…..

— Kate Alderson-Smith (Customer Services Team Leader)

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