The Library celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month 2020

Oxford Brookes LGBTQ+ History Month rainbow


The theme for LGBTQ+ History Month 2020 is Poetry, Prose, and Plays. The Library has been keen to showcase its range of resources that might be of interest to LGBTQ+ individuals, or anybody interested in works concerning LGBTQ+ characters. 

Why do this?

Historically, LGBTQ+ people have been a marginalised group. Authors such as Oscar Wilde and E M Forster were forced to conceal their same-sex desires. The erasure of LGBTQ+ voices in literature conformed to heteronormative narratives where anything different was denigrated.

LGBT History Month 2020 logo

What makes this so important? 

By being excluded, LGBTQ+ people were, and continue to be, made to feel invisible and devalued. Now times have changed, it’s important to highlight literature conceived by LGBTQ+ individuals, or works that contain LGBTQ+ characters. Positive representation matters. We can shine a light on the plethora of resources in Brookes Library that have originated from LGBTQ+ people, and share them for the interest of all.

How have you done this?

Our librarians have been busy creating an Aspire reading list with links to a selection of books, DVDs, and online resources, such as films and TV shows readily available on Box of Broadcasts.  In addition, we’ve included a number of websites of organisations and events in Oxford and Swindon relating to LGBTQ+ History Month, or for general information about LGBTQ+ activities or groups. We hope this list will be a one-stop shop for Brookes staff and students wanting to learn more!

Great! How do I access this list?

Search for LGBTQ+ on our Reading List search tab on the library homepge or find the reading list here.

Reading list tab of library search box

I can see the list. Now what?

Click on the book you’d like to read. Then select Check Availability to be whisked off to the catalogue page where you can locate or hold the book for collection.

Example book on LGBTQ+ reading list

For films and TV shows on Box of Broadcasts, select the View Online button. You will need your Brookes staff/student number and password for access.

Example TV programme on LGBTQ+ reading list

I’m looking forward to seeing more!

We’ll update the list when new resources become available. In addition, look out for book displays across all four of our campuses. In the meantime, enjoy LGBTQ+ History Month and happy reading/viewing!

What else is happening at Brookes in LGBTQ+ history month?

Loads! Have a look at the programme to find out more.


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