Christmas cheer

Ho ho ho!  With Christmas nearly upon us, the Library has entered the festive spirit with our decorations and activities. Harcourt Hill and Headington have constructed some book ‘trees’ which have attracted a lot of positive comments. The ‘trees’ look fabulous, are environmentally friendly and were fun to build. (No books were harmed in the making of the trees and will be returned to the store once their moment in the spotlight is over!)

We have also created some comments cards so users of our services can note down their thoughts on the Library. The cards are themed – ‘The Library’s greatest gift to me would be…’ and ‘Wrap up your thoughts about the Library…’. We have had some useful feedback already, mainly related to space, furniture (beanbags specifically) and positive comments about the Library and staff. Some suggestions are less mainstream – a call for a mini collection of fairy tales for example – but interesting nonetheless.

choc and questions19

We have also set up a snowflake station at Headington, to allow students a bit of time out to create beautiful shapes! 

let it snow

We appreciate the time that students take to complete the cards, especially in this particularly busy part of the semester. The cards allow us to see what issues are uppermost in our users’ minds and often lead to us updating or reviewing policies. We’ll report back more fully on the comments we received after the Christmas break. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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