How do I find new books in the library?

Tip One: Refine your search results on LibrarySearch

When LibrarySearch dispalys your search results, it sorts them by “best match”. But, if you want to see the newest books and ebooks on a topic, you can change the order of your results.

To do this, look for the ‘sort by’ box down the left hand side and select ‘date (newest first)’. You will now see the same results, but the order will have changed. The most recently published books and ebooks are at the top.

The "sort by" box on LibrarySearch

Tip Two: Use our new books reading lists

For some subjects, there are handy reading lists showing which books and ebooks have been recently purchased for the library

There is also a list of new items in the School Experience Centre.

Tip Three: Look for our new books highlight on Instagram

We regularly share details of new books as Instagram stories. Look for the new books highlight on our Instagram profile to see the most recent additions. Follow us to see the stories as they’re created.

Instagram profile of @Oxfordbrookeslibrary with new book highlight circled

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