Browsing with BrowZine – introducing our new e- journals service

BrowZine is a new product that we’ve introduced to help you explore and use our electronic journals more easily. 

BrowZine revisits the world of browsing journals across all our online collection, and the joy of serendipity that comes with it, in a simple and highly attractive user interface adorned with the colour and splendor of iconic journal covers. 

Screenshot of the BrowZine homepage  highlighting the list of subject areas

And that’s not all. Using BrowZine, you can assemble your own journal shelves, by pulling in titles of interest for personalised browsing, whilst also being alerted when a new article from a given title is published.

Check out this short video about the joys and advantages of using BrowZine.

BrowZine is one of a suite of discovery services from Third Iron that we will be implementing and promoting over the coming months.

2 thoughts on “Browsing with BrowZine – introducing our new e- journals service

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