What is “Read and Publish”?

It is not unusual for universities and other research organisations to pay publishers twice:

  • Paying to publish: If a researcher wishes a paper to be published Gold Open Access, then an article processing charge may be paid by the university.
  • Paying to read: The university library may then buy a subscription to a package of journals from that publisher. That subscription allows staff and students to read the articles in those journals.

A number of Read and Publish agreements are being negotiated between universities (or a consortium of universities) and individual publishers. These are consolidated deals that enable staff and students to read all content on a publisher’s platform, coupled with the opportunity to publish Gold Open Access on that platform.

How does this help me read?

In short, thanks to our read and publish agreements, Oxford Brookes students and staff have access to more online journals than before! We currently have read and publish agreements with three major publishers:

All of the articles in these journals are indexed in LibrarySearch. So if you search for an article title, an author, or even just a topic or idea, then this new content will be included in your results.

Remember, you can also use BrowZine to read online journals and install the LibKey Nomad browser extensions to easily get access to content via Oxford Brookes library.

How does this help me publish?

Have a look at our Open Access webpage. This explains more about how the publishing each of the three agreements work, as there are slight differences between them.

In this video, Verena Kriechbaumer, Sanjay Kumar, Mel Nowicki and Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez discuss how Oxford Brookes library’s read and publish agreements have helped with the publication of their research.

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