LibrarySearch is different!

LibrarySearch has changed. It has a smart new look and new smart features, designed to enhance the user experience.

The search results and item detail pages have been redesigned to create a clearer look, improve accessibility and present more information where you need to see it.

We’ve also updated the colour palette to create a fresh new look in Brookes colours.

Let’s take a look at the new features

Smart feature 1: Search term indicators

If you’ve ever wondered why a particular item was included in your search results, you can now find out. LibrarySearch will use a yellow underline to highlight your search terms in the item information.

LibrarySearch will also show your search terms in hidden data by bringing it into the search results or by expanding the item details. 

Screenshot of item details of a book called Flood and coastal erosion risk management: a manual for economic appraisal. The search words coastal and erosion are underlined in yellow.
This first example shows the search terms highlighted by a yellow underline

Screenshot of item details of a book called Public archaeology and climate change. The search words coastal and erosion appear in the book's table of contents and are underlined in yellow.
This second example shows hidden Contents data that has been pulled into the search results, with the search words underlined

Search term indicators will help you to refine your search terms and find exactly what you need.

Smart feature 2: Best access options

The Access Options panel is found on the item details pages. This panel will select the best access options for this item and show them to you in one place. 

The best access options chosen could be:

  • a link to an online resource
  • a print copy showing the library, the call number and a link to any other copies
  • a holdings summary for print journals
  • the Place Hold button
  • the Request Interlibrary Loan button

Smart feature 3: Showing you useful editions

LibrarySearch now displays links to both local and worldwide ‘editions and formats’ in the search results. What’s more, it will expand to show you a particularly useful edition. For example, if the record is an ebook, it will expand to show you we have a print version. Or, if all recent print copies are on loan, it will expand to show you an older but available print edition.

Item details for a book called Research methods for leisure and tourism. The illustratrated feature is the ebook and print books being displayed side by side.
These search results show an ebook but make sure you can see we also have print copies.

What is changing and what is staying the same?

As well as adding these smart features, some icons, messages and the chosen filter display have been redesigned. But we’ve retained familiar features such as the Cite and Save buttons.

The share book popup box. It illusrates that there is a copyable link to the book, along with an email address box to send the book to yourself or others
The Share button is now used to both copy a link to an item or email the item details.

In the item details you can still find popular existing features such as links to our Talis Aspire reading lists, links to explore more journal content with BrowZine and, on many items, virtual shelf browsing.

Item details of a book on research methods. It lists three reading lists that the book is on, with the option to see further reading lists by clicking on 'show more'
Links to reading lists

Details of three books on urban architecture are shown side by side, in the order they would appear on the shelf.
Virtual shelf browsing

Explore inside journals with links to BrowZine

What’s next?

Over the next few months, we can look forward to more improvements to LibrarySearch. These will focus on journal display, elink visibility and the relevancy and order of search results.

How to get help or advice

If you have any questions or feedback about using LibrarySearch, get in touch with us via email:

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