Try Ckbk – a new cookery book collection

We have a new 6-week trial of an app that gives you access to hundreds of popular cookery and food-related books! You can use this link to explore Ckbk.

The platform breaks down the books into individual recipes, so that you can search by ingredients, dishes, authors and more.

We’d really like to know what you think of it! If you try Ckbk, please fill out our quick survey to let us know if you liked it.

There are books focusing on particular diets (e.g. vegan or gluten-free), or techniques like bread baking and patisserie, as well as a huge variety of international cuisines.

You can use the filters on the search page to narrow your results, for example, to meals you can make in under 30 minutes or that use only 5 ingredients.

You will also find lots of inspiring stories and interviews with cookery entrepreneurs who have set up their own cafes, restaurants and bars.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think! This will help us to understand how students might use this resource.

— Isabel Virgo, Academic Liaison Librarian

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